Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Ladies of Pain

I always knew I had a thing for roller derby, but I always thought it was just because of my crush on Drew Barrymore. As wonderful as Drew Barrymore is, it turns out that I love roller derby for other reasons. One reason is my friend, Angie, otherwise known as Blister Sister, who completely rocked my world last night. The last time I had roller skates on I was going at a snail's pace to a Tiffany song, probably with a banana clip in my hair. The image I have of myself at age ten is decidedly different from the  image I saw last night as I watched Angie (in a killer pair of fishnets) skate with the Royal City Roller Girls. I am completely hooked.

Blister Sister

Our Ladies of Pain

Violet Uprising

My future Royal City Roller Girl

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