Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Facebook is a boob

I am so very tired of hearing about another instance of Facebook deleting photos of mothers breastfeeding. This is so, so old, Facebook. There is a great discussion going on about Facebook's recent jackassery here (thanks Sierra Black at Strollerberby for pointing this out). Breastfeeding in public is protected across North America (and elsewhere), but Facebook gets the willies when it catches a documented glimpse of a baby's lunch on its site.

Babies need to eat. A lot. Many babies eat by breastfeeding. Breastfeeding involves breasts. End of story, or at least, it should be. There is just no other way to talk about this. Are some people offended? Well, they shouldn't be. And if they are, that's not my problem. And if I want to share a photo of myself breastfeeding my baby on Facebook, why is anyone wasting their precious time worrying about it?

I nurse about 5,928 times a day*. This is part of who I am right now. And Shira is very grateful for it. Does this give you the willies? Then you need to get out more.

*Maybe not this much.

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  1. I put a picture of Jude breastfeeding on Facebook a couple of weeks ago just to see what would happen... it's still there. Can't they tell it's my boob? Maybe I should tag it...