Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Something for Your Monday

We all have our things. Like few things make me happier than grocery shopping. Much like Mondays, there is so much potential in a grocery store, especially the good ones. To give you some idea of how much I love a good grocery store, I drive 30 minutes each week to Trader Joe's, and every once and awhile I'll drive 45 minutes to the Whole Foods. In the next state. I know. But the bulk food section! And the fresh fish! And the cheeses, oh the cheeses.

What makes Alyce happy is taking her most favourite things of the day into bed at night. Receive a new card? Bring it to bed. Spend the afternoon building a tower out of blocks? Bring them, too. Develop an unusual attachment to your Mama's Charlaine Harris books? Don't forget to bring them to bed.

This is what happened last week when Alyce received some new rain boots. Is there anything more exciting than finding out that you've grown so much bigger that you need new boots? The sparkle in her only brightened when she spotted the green frog boots sitting on the shelf at Target. Naturally, she wanted to wear them to bed that night.

Who are we to stand between a girl and her rain boots? I expected her to settle down after the initial excitement and take them off after a few minutes. Wouldn't the feeling of big rubber boots be uncomfortable under the covers? Not for Alyce, who slept thirteen (glorious) hours wearing her green frogs.

I hope everyone enjoys the little things this week as much as Alyce does.

P.S. Inventory of her bed that night, for those who are interested: fairy princess, eagle, mermaid shirt, small purple pillow given to her by a sweet woman at synagogue, Tinkerbell postcard from grandparents, Valentine's Day card from grandparents, my Club Dead book, baby bottle for her dollies, my recent Martha Stuart Living, new swimsuit (swimming classes begin this week!), toothbrushes still in new packaging. Not shown: elmo, big bird, water bottle, crocheted blanket from our friend, Kaylie, and sparkly Valentine from Kaylie. Somewhere in that bed fit tiny Alyce. And her boots.


  1. I love grocery shopping, and I miss Trader Joes and Whole Foods so much! Scott was often amused at my delight in finding some new treasure at TJs. Lately I've been especially pining for TJ's store brand blue cheese and pecan dip. And toasted almond flakes. And triple-ginger cookies. And their frozen green beans. And frozen artichoke hearts. And...and...and...sigh. It's at least a 7h drive to the nearest TJs from here. That's a little excessive.

    I'm going to Toronto this weekend though, and looking forward to spending an hour or so combing the aisles of WF for some treasures!

  2. Oh yeah...also, Alyce's boot-love reminds me of one of the Ramona books, in which Ramona obsesses over the shiny red boots the other girls get to wear while she has to wear Howie's old hand-me-downs...and then her utter delight when her mother buys her new shiny red ones...and then her utter despair when she gets stuck in the mud and has to leave her boots behind.

  3. I had completely forgotten about Ramona. I can't wait to read those with Alyce. Today's obsession was a pair of ruby slipper mary janes my mum gave her. To her horror there was too much snow today to wear them outside of the house.

    Re: TJs--and the kettle corn, the entire dried fruit and nuts section, sea-salt brownies, and all cheeses.

  4. sounds like I might actually enjoy grocery shopping if we had a Trader Joe's around here