Monday, January 31, 2011

There Are Children Living in my House

I was nursing Shira before her afternoon nap a few days ago, and I found myself looking around the girls' room, realizing that I am now a person who lives in a house with children. My children, even. Yup, every now and then it still shocks me that these two tiny girls are mine. And their stuff.

I'd been meaning to post some photos of their new room for a few weeks anyway. It's a lovely room, don't you think? If you were a little girl, wouldn't you just love the little kitchen? Alyce loves it the best, though she still doesn't fully appreciate the hours it took to put it together, even though I remind her regularly. One hundred screws.

When you're pregnant and awaiting the arrival of your baby, the geography of house changes drastically. Your house is now filled with diapers, tiny clothes, bulky plastic contraptions in which to contain the new baby (bouncy seats, exersaucers, swings), and bags of things 'the baby needs.' But I find the later changes even more jaw-dropping, like that I have a child who went to preschool, where her teachers traced her little body on paper, on which this child painted a purple dress.

Also mine, is this big baby who has fallen fast asleep while I'm dealing with the shock.


Alyce woke up this morning with a sore throat and a cough. I should have guessed as much after our day yesterday. I wish I would realize these things before the smack me so hard in the face.

Also, Happy Monday! What are you starting fresh this week? Me, I'm hoping to follow through with my plans to get some extra exercise. Last week I baked the winter blues away; this week I hope to sweat them away.

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