Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello, Monday

I love Mondays. They are filled with so much potential I can hardly contain myself each week. If I struggled with something the week before then on a Monday I am presented with a clean slate. And lately I’ve really been craving a clean slate. Needing a new start is one of the reasons that finally brought me to this blog--so let’s imagine this blog is a giant Monday, shall we?

Have I scared you yet? Be brave. Mondays can work their magic if you just give them a chance. It isn’t that I want or need to forget what happened last week or last year, but I need to see more clearly the possibility of this week and next. I mentioned in my first post that most days I am a graduate student, but lately more days I haven’t been. I am finally giving myself permission to consider a different future, so I need my Mondays right now.

But just as much as I love a good Monday, I also adore the weekend! Here's what we did, what about you?


  1. Let's hear it for Mondays! And for giving yourself permission to consider a different path.

    My weekend: homemade ricotta; an overnight guest; game night with friends; a long bike ride; NPR; figs; Turgenev's Fathers and Sons; buttermilk biscuits; playground with the nephew; kettle corn (yes, more!); early-morning writing; a nap on the sofa

  2. Jess, that sounds like a wonderful weekend. Have you posted your recipe for homemade ricotta before? I already have plans for more kettle corn.

  3. Nope. But it's up next. Should be posted soon - maybe even before the weekend. It all depends on how much dissertating I can get done over the next day or two!