Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Week is Over

It was a tough one and a long one, but it's done, done, done. Two Praxis exams and a non-sleeping baby later, and I'm still around to tell the tale. In honour of such a difficult week, Matt and I decided that it was the perfect time to move the girls into the same room! Are we insane? YES!

I will share more details later in the week, because my brain shut down around four-thirty this morning when I was entertaining Shira, now known as "the baby who might be raised by the cats from this day forward." The cats would be terrible parents, I'll admit, but I'm just tired enough that I'm seriously considering it. Hille would want to be a good parent, but he scares and tires easily. Lucy might have the skills necessary but usually uses these skills for evil, not parenting. And Pomegranate just doesn't care.

So more coming tomorrow. For now I'll just say that Alyce has been incredible with her new roommate, even when said roommate screams at regular intervals through the night. Tonight, as Shira was fighting sleep with her (as of lately) usual screaming, we heard Alyce singing her a lullaby. Of course it made Shira even angrier (because she didn't want Alyce to ever stop singing), but Alyce now holds the world record for best big sister of all time.

Celebrating her new title with some well-deserved hot chocolate.

My wish for everyone, but especially for me, is a wonderful night's sleep. Good night everyone!

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