Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can't write. Must clean.

So my mum arrives tomorrow and we're all very excited. Alyce's little head might just pop off with excitement: Hanukah+birthday+Nana? You get the idea.

You can also probably imagine what I am doing today, right up until I need to leave to pick up mum at the airport. You got it: cleaning the house like a madwoman. My mum always tells me that I don't need to clean up for her. You know what I say to that? Don't Even. Of course I do. As a kid I remember finding her singing to herself while she windexed her washer and dryer. And then there is her mother, who does about fourteen loads of laundry a day. That last part might be an exaggeration, but trust me, she does a lot of laundry.

Speaking of laundry: There are four people in our house and I might need to secure some extra employment in order to cover our laundry-induced utility bills. I know we have small (messy) children and we use cloth diapers, but even still I am floored by the ever-expanding laundry piles. On a regular day we are always at least one load, but then you throw in just one child with a stomach flu (I'm looking at you, Shira Clementine) and a visit from my mother and all of a sudden I'm doing seven loads of wash in one day. Oh, but wait--those seven loads were done before I picked up Alyce from preschool. I almost forgot about the eighth load I had to do when we got home after Alyce dropped her new stuffed unicorn in the mud. Naturally he needed washing before bedtime.

OK, I'm done with that now.

Back to general cleaning. I'm not actually stressed about it in that stereotypical "mymother'scomingandshe'sgoingtojudgethedustontheblinds" kind of way. My mum only really cares about her house. If I don't have my mother's verve for all things spotless, I do like a clean house, even if it will only remain clean for thirty minutes after her arrival. I've at least cleaned the bathroom. Oh, and have I mentioned the laundry?

And finally, Happy Hanukkah everyone! We lit the first candle tonight and enjoyed a wonderful evening together. Alyce enjoyed her new fairy paper dolls and Shira fell asleep. The first night of Hanukah is very special to us because three years ago Alyce was born about twenty minutes before the first candle lighting. We were home two hours later, lighting our candles with our new daughter. We have a photo of the two of us standing next to our hanukkiyah (menorah), holding Alyce, with the biggest, goofiest, most tired grins on our faces. After two days of labour, my eyes are almost closed and I look like I had just pushed a baby out. We are both deliriously happy. Fortunately for you, I can't find that photo right now. You'll just have to trust me.


  1. Happy Chanukah, Danielle! Wow, what an amazing Chanukah that must have been.

  2. Thanks, Jess! Happy Chanukah to you too! Yes, it has been quite a holiday. I'll be posting the details soon. Now I must sleep.

  3. I have not one shred of sympathy for you and your washing, my dear friend (cloth diapers slightly notwithstanding) because I live in the land of TEENY WEENY UNDER COUNTER WASHING MACHINES. Your seven loads? Equals 20 loads on my side of the ocean.

    (anyone got a bridge handy I can chuck myself off?) Yeeesh! :-)

  4. That's funny you mention that, because whenever I see photos of your kitchen I am also envious that your washing machine is in your kitchen and not down in the nasty basement!

    Does it ever end? Sadly, no. I think we should get together to commiserate. Soon.