Monday, November 29, 2010

Deep Breath Monday

I'm so thankful that it's Monday again. We had a wonderful holiday long weekend, and it's likely that Thanksgiving might take Halloween's top spot in the holiday hierarchy, but four days at home (read: no preschool) can have its difficult moments. I've been trying to write about these moments all weekend, but I've found myself in a bit of writer's block. I write and write and then I read back and realize that I sound a bit like a twit, as though I'm the first person struggling with an almost three year-old who will "DO IT MYSELF." Writing about whining and meltdowns just didn't feel right this weekend, so instead I'll share my favourite moments of the long weekend:

Pie. Specifically my new favourite pie: Raspberry Peach Almond.

Alyce and Shira in their turkey hats.

Making challah for the first time with Alyce. She was a most excellent kneader. (I added an 1/2 cup of honey since I didn't put in the raisins.)

A world-class foot rub, courtesy of Matt.

Bundling up the girls and walking downtown for a slice of pizza.

My Sunday NYT that threatened not to arrive, but in the end came through. Modern Love is quickly becoming what I turn to second, after first checking out the real estate section (you know, since I'd hate to miss my opportunity to find the perfect co-op at the bargain price of one trillion dollars).

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.

The Lottery. As a Canadian, I'm new to the charter school debate, but I'm becoming quickly engrossed in it. Listening to school officials and parents trying to negotiate the terms of education, with a heavy dose of union politics, had me in the first five minutes.

Have a great week everyone! I've super busy preparing for my mum's arrival on Thursday, followed by Alyce's third birthday on Saturday. Oh, and then throw Hanukkah into the mix, and we've got a full week. But not a bad way to start of the month, no?

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