Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank you, flu shot

I had plans. Big plans. And then the flu knocked the wind out of me. Tuesday morning, around 4:30, the flu announced its presence in our house and we've not been the same since. The stomach flu kicked our butts. Except for Shira, that is. While she was a bit sick on Saturday, by Tuesday she was all support-team. She spent hours and hours in bed with me on Tuesday, cheering me through the pain. Thanks again, Shira.

Then I did what everyone recovering from the stomach flu should do: I flew to Canada to visit my mum. And yes, I'm going to tell her.

So to all four of you, my apologies for all the quiet over here! But we're feeling much better now. And for those of you in Toronto area, enjoy the beautiful rainy skies!

p.s. Oh, and I'm not really mad at the flu shot. I usually have very good luck with these sorts of things. But I'm not feeling that generous this week.

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