Monday, November 15, 2010

Calling All Siblings

Until I was twenty-six I was an only child. That's a lot of years of just me. Sure I had a big extended family and was blessed with great friends, but at home it was all me. My housemate at university (herself one of three siblings) was forever impressed at my inability to share a washroom. I married another only child, and then came Alyce, our only child! We had this down, the three of us. This all changed quite dramatically when Shira was born. You might think that all those months of pregnancy might make the transition a little easier, but no matter how much we imagined our growing family of siblings, nothing really prepared us for Shira's arrival as Sister to Alyce. Or perhaps we were even less prepared for the arrival of Alyce the Sister.

I now have six months of sisterhood under my belt (and not the grassrootsy, feminist, activist kind. That's a story for another day). Six whole months. So I'm sure you'll all agree that these six months qualify me to teach a class at the local birth center on preparing for life with a second child? You bet it does!

That's right. In January I will begin teaching a class for expectant mamas, papas, and only children to help prepare them for the world of the little sister or brother. I was eager to take on this new task because I love pregnant bellies, new babies, and families. I love the energy that quietly hums in the background of an expanding family (though for these families who already have one child, this energy is bit more in your face). I was excited to get my toe in the door of prenatal education. But now I am wondering: what was I thinking?

Lucky for me, I am a researcher at heart--just think of the books I can read between now and January! And of course, I have two excellent research subjects.

But what I wouldn't give for some advice on how to begin. Are you catching that hint? Anyone? I know there are some fabulous siblings experts out there just dying to comment on my blog. I'll be waiting, pencil at the ready.

Happy Monday everyone!

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