Thursday, November 12, 2015

Taking Stock: November

Hello there! At the last minute this week I ended up working overnight with tiny newborn twins! Not a bad way to spend a couple of nights. I loved watching them calm each other down when they were able to snuggle together.

My last minute work threw a wrench in some of my plans, so I'm feeling a little behind on some of my projects for the week. It happens. I'm hoping to spend tonight in the kitchen cooking up some gluten-free meals for the next few days and prepping some greens. I also expect not to stay up too late tonight because my sleep needs a reset after working overnights. While I was able to close my eyes now and then with the twins, mostly I was up snuggling.

Here are a few other things I've been up to lately:
Making:  Almost finished the scarves for the girlies, and I'm about to start my very first sweater!
Cooking: Lots of vegetables, she says hopefully.
Drinking: Coffee. I'm so predictable.
Wanting: A personal chef.
Looking: At the few remaining leaves holding on for dear life.
Wishing: That I could remember more what it's like to be seven.
Enjoying: No longer having cable.
Waiting: For the snow.
Liking: The feeling of hibernation brought on by the darker evenings.
Wondering: How I'll feel at the end of my first month.
Loving: The music that has been filling our house lately.
Pondering: What life will be like upon my return to midwifery school.
Considering: Painting the girls' room pink.
Buying: Little gifts of Hanukah, less than a month away.
Watching: Gilmore Girls, for the first time. How did I never watch this before?
Hoping: For the discovery of a morning routine with the girls.
Marvelling: My goofy children.
Cringing: At too much time spent of Facebook.
Needing: A bit of a social media break. 
Smelling: Roasting vegetables in my oven.
Wearing: Scarves.
Following: The Celtics, because Matty gives me no other choice.
Noticing: That Alyce's needs are changing now that she's almost eight. This is all so new to me.
Knowing: That we will figure it out.
Thinking: That I wished I'd gone to the gym today.
Admiring: Rainy, grey days.
Sorting: Through the kitchen and adding some gluten-free baking ingredients.
Bookmarking: Soup recipes, like a madwoman.
Coveting: A vitamix blender.
Disliking: Depression.
Giggling: As much as I possibly can.
Feeling: All over the place.
Snacking: Chips and fresh salsa.
Hearing: My snoring cat.

Do you want to take stock? I got the idea from Pip.

Be well!

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