Monday, October 19, 2015

It's Monday!

It's Monday! Again! I missed my weekly Monday update last week (it was, deliciously, Thanksgiving here in Canada) and it's busy around here, but I'm back at it now. I think an update is in order. So what's been happening here the past couple of weeks? Evening trips to the ice cream shop (who needs summer anyway) and afternoons spent reading at the park in stunning fall weather.

Oh, and we went for more ice cream because we were celebrating that we bought a new car! We all love it, especially Alyce, who will give tours of the car to an willing passerby. Buying a car felt like a very adult-type thing to do, and it's had Matty and I busy planning our finances over the next few years (when I will graduate!). We are both eager to learn how to best manage our money, something we've always struggled with. It's time for me especially to put on my big girl pants and figure out exactly to pay for the rest of midwifery school. If only following your dreams was less expensive!

Last week, in an historic moment I will remember always, I actually joined a gym and started exercising. Like actual sweaty, uncoordinated exercise in a room with other people. I turn 38 next week and joining the Y was an early birthday present from Matty. It's not the easiest for me to exercise with my chronic pain, but I'm going slowly. Just this morning I took a water aerobics class with thirty 75 year old women! I fit right in.

Everything and everyone keeps reminding me that exercise will help with my fibromyalgia symptoms, so here I am moving forward with another goal. It feels amazing. Also: 2003 called and wants its yoga pants back.

We have been enjoying some beyond beautiful fall weather and the girls and I soaked it all in in a walk along Bloor street last week. We coveted pumpkins and gourds, felt the sun on our faces, and even stocked up on Halloween decorations. We couldn't have been more fall if we tried. I'm in heaven.

Alyce has taken to handstading her way everywhere she goes. She started gymnastics this fall and is over the moon excited about her newfound skills. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that she did 1000 handstands this weekend. Shira has also been busy being a gymnast, though she is self-taught. Her technique is both avant-garde and wildly entertaining for everyone involved. 

This week is about keeping up the momentum

My goals this week aren't big ones, but there is some urgency behind them. Work is picking up again, both my teaching and doula work, and I want to stay ahead of the game as much as possible (something my procrastinating self can often let get out of hand). I'm starting now to finally find a rhythm in my days at home and I would like to keep building in some good work habits amidst all the chaos of staying home with the girlies. And now that I've become a person who exercises, I hope to develop a routine for getting in a workout most days of the week.

My list to-do list this week includes:

  • Heading to the gym four days this week. I'm trying out a lot of different things to see what hurts the least and I think the elliptical puts the least amount of pressure on my legs and feet, so I think I'll alternate between that and water aerobics with the seniors. I have been going in the morning after dropping the girlies off at school, which I prefer to going in the evening, when all the tough-guy body builders hog all the weights.
  • Planning for my birthday weekend! We are having a dinner party/sleepover at the home of a good friend. It's the best way to spend my birthday. I'm in charge of planning breakfast the next morning and I'm thinking maybe challah french toast, fruit salad, and muffins for the early risers.
  •  Calling my Dad on his birthday! I always, always forget. I've got it written down in more than one place, so here's hoping I remember this year.

  • Healthy meal prep: I'm inspired by Shutterbean to take one afternoon a week to prep my food for the week ahead. I'm really great at buying great food to fill our fridge, but kind of terrible at the follow-through of actually cooking it. This week I'm going to cook chicken for salads, breakfast apple crisp, make a pot of quinoa to keep in the fridge, and do some serious vegetable roasting.  

What is on your list this week? Share in the comments and let's help each other get things done!

Be well!

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