Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Taking Stock: August

Hello lovelies. Are you keeping busy with all your summer projects? I'm always amazed at how busy I feel in the summer months, a time when I expect to move through the days at a much slower pace. Maybe I just need more practice at slowing down. Are you good at slowing down? Do you schedule downtime for yourself, or does it just happen in your day?

I read a great post yesterday about the difference between being busy and being productive and it has me thinking a lot about how I'm spending my time. Maybe if I'm spending less time being busy and more time actually getting things done, I might have more time for doing nothing at all (which for me means lounging/knitting/reading). The culture of being busy all the time is not what it's cracked up to be.

In the midst of all this busy, here is what I've been up to:

Making: Still working on knitting my first pair of socks. 
Cooking: Very little. Cooking feels like such work in the summer.
Drinking: More coffee than is probably necessary.
Wanting: Some energy.
Looking: For the bright side.
Wishing: For some routine.
Enjoying: Home summer school with the girlies.
Waiting: For the girlies to go back to school!
Liking: Not having strep throat anymore.
Wondering: How to create new habits.
Loving: Watching baseball games with Matty.
Pondering: What third grade will be like for Alyce.
Considering: Letting my grey hair grow out.
Buying: Back to school things for two excited little girls.
Watching: The Knick.
Hoping:  For more time with good friends.
Marvelling: At the fall leaves I've been spotting this week.
Cringing: At the thought of making dinner. Again.
Needing: Some gentle exercise.
Smelling: Peaches
Wearing: As little as possible in this heat.
Following: The blogs of my fellow classmates in my blogging course.
Noticing: All the new summer freckles on the girlies after a long summer playing outside.
Knowing:That I'll be feeling sad when all my friends return to school this fall while I sit this year out.
Thinking: About how to make the most of this year off.
Admiring: People on their bicycles. They look so lovely.
Sorting: Through piles of clothes for fall.
Bookmarking: The pages of the book Connected Parenting.
Coveting: Fabulous dresses.
Disliking: My sore feet.
Giggling: At the girlies and the hula hoops.
Feeling: Quiet lately.
Snacking: On dark chocolate ice cream.
Hearing: The rain.
Do you want to take stock? I got the idea from Pip.

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