Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! We went away for a few days and I missed Monday, and since I love Mondays so much (I really do) I'd thought I'd bring a little of that love to Tuesday. How is your summer going so far? We have started crossing things off our summer adventure list, including this house boat trip we took with my mother for a couple of days. The amount of fun had by the girls was ridiculous.

Let me tell you about Alyce, the fisherwoman: it was her first time fishing and she was ready to catch fish. I mean she asked every five minutes if it was time to start fishing. We don't fish ever, so the foreign excitement of it all was almost too much for her to handle. We found a good place, anchored the boat, pulled out the fishing rods, and she got to it. But her little face fell when she realized that it takes for freaking ever to catch a fish. She declared sadly that fishing wasn't very exciting after all (moments after I took the photo above). Can't you almost feel her disappointment? Poor kid! But the good news is that she caught at least three sunfish before our trip was over, and she "almost nearly caught a really big one," she will tell you. 

Shira liked fishing less, because she really didn't think the worms liked being dead. Fair enough.

So here we are, at the beginning (sort of) of a new week! I wouldn't say that I'm relaxed after our trip, because seriously, who sleeps well on a boat with two young children? I should also formally apologize to my stepfather, who had the pleasure of listening to my snoring all night. Ahem.

What are your plans for the week? Mine include grading papers, a doctor's appointment, and prepping for my first book club meeting! We are reading The Goldfinch. Someone should have told the person* who chose this book that it is roughly one million pages long and maybe choose a shorter book? But I'm excited to get together with some great people and chat about whether or not we actually finished the book. Over wine.

Be well.
 *I chose it.

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