Monday, July 20, 2015

It's Monday!

It's that time again, when I get all excited about the fact that it's another new start to the week. Even when summer days make every day feel like a weekend, I am still drawn to the new start of a Monday. I can't be stopped!

This week is looking decidedly less busy than the last few, where it seemed we were going on adventures every other day. We spent time on a boat, visited parks and splash pads around the city, visited with old friends, and spent three lovely days at a friend's cottage near Southampton (you can see the evidence of our cottage days in the photos today). How blessed we are to have to have friends and family who invite us to spend time together.

But I'm grateful for a little break from all the fun because my body is paying the price. I'm very sore this week, worn down, and in need of some rest. So my to do list this week reflects this need for a pause:

  • Naps! I already had one today while the girlies watched a movie and destroyed the house slightly (it was worth it). 
  • I'm donating blood this week and taking the girlies with me. I started donating blood as soon as I was old enough and I want to inspire the girls to do so, too. Plus they're obsessed with the human body and I'm hoping they'll think it's pretty cool.
  • We are getting a yearly membership to the Toronto Zoo, so we will probably go and say hello to the animals this week. I was debating whether or not I would take them since my body is sore, but I also want some exercise, so we'll just move slowly.
  • Planning our menu for our first camping trip next week! Me and the girlies are spending three days and two nights at Killbear Provincial Park with some good friends. So far the list includes smores ingredients and wine.
  • I have ton of grading to do for the university class I teach. Essays and final exams galore. 
  • I want to write a calendar of upcoming blog posts. I've started posting more frequently (which makes me so happy), but I'd like to devise a schedule to do more regular posts.
  • Finally, I will do everything I can to avoid the heat. Ugh, July.

What does your week look like?  Are you tackling any projects? Are you planning on spending every free moment out in the sun? Are you busy looking forward to peach season as much as I am?

Be well.

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