Friday, June 12, 2015

This week

This week features an amazing trip to Vancouver! I flew out to surprise my stepmonster, Kate, for her 40th birthday, with the added perk of seeing my Dad and little brother and sister (who are eleven and seven, respectively). And mytheir enormous, goofy dog. We are soul mates, he and I. 

It has been three years since I visited my family in Vancouver and it was beyond overdue. This family of mine, divided by too many provinces, makes my heart happy. It was just me flying out on this trip (much to the disappointment of Alyce and Shira, and the result was some pretty incredible time spent teaching Sydney how to knit, watching Noah show off at his baseball game, and of course, celebrating one of my favouite people in the world. And since I was on Toronto time the entire weekend, I was even able to enjoy some quiet time with my Dad, an early riser, before the rest of the family crawled out of bed.  May there be more trips in my future.

Here is a snapshot of my week.

Shenanigans with Noah at Sydney's school fair. 

Sydney was a natural knitter. It is pushing me to finally teach Alyce, who has been begging to learn.

 We celebrated friendship and sangria.

No one will ever convince me of this "half-sister" business. She's mine, through and through.

A gift from Syd.

I expect Noah will play in the majors one day, said the proud sister.

The weekend-long celebration called for my favourite red lipstick, which it seems was wearing off about the time I took this photo.

How was your week?

Be well!

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