Thursday, May 16, 2013

And now she is three

We're all exhausted and I think still digesting more sugar than we've had in a long time (which is saying a lot). Shira turned three on Saturday and it was delightful. I was dreading the weekend a bit because I've been worked up about Shira growing so quickly (because of that lingering fear and sadness that she might maybe could be my last baby), but it was the nicest transition I've had in a long while. I'm usually terrible at change, but I didn't even cry. It was a day filled with sisters and close family and good friends and best friends and cake. So much cake. Shira was gifted with so many lovely things, including the sweetest little tea set you ever did see. But of course it wasn't the gifts or the candy that will make me remember this day for decades. What I'll remember is the bounce in Shira's step, the pride peeking out from behind that little face. She shone that day, and so did everyone else.

Happy Birthday, Shira Clementine. I'm so glad that you are mine.

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  1. Gack. My nose is all prickly. I assure you that even as I dread this baby growing up, I don't miss my other kids as babies at all! My mom says the same about me...I'm just me, as I always was, in her eyes. The change as children grow is so gradual, and brings so much awesomeness that you barely notice it until you look at photos from years ago.
    Happy Birthday, Shira Clementine. Could you (or your name) be sweeter? I think not.