Tuesday, February 12, 2013


:: I know. More Instagram photos of the weekend (you can now view Instagram photos on actual computers instead of only phones--follow me here). Bear with me, but I love the photos I steal with my phone, and Instagram's filters are so lovely. If you're interested you can find a great post written by Rebecca about photography, iPhones, and filters here

:: Shira discovered a love a doing dishes. I discovered that I can get an hour of things done while she plays with bubbles in the sink. It's a win-win.

:: I made two cakes (I went with the chocolate bundt and olive oil cakes after popular demand on facebook). Sadly, for my Jewish-Muslim text study class, the snow storm had me turning around back home after inching along the blizzard-filled streets of Toronto (and traveling approximately two blocks).  Happily, for my family, we have two cakes to enjoy. Sadly, for my family, we have two cakes to enjoy.

:: Alyce and Shira enjoyed each other's company, at least most of the time.

:: We had so much fun at the science centre. We have memberships, which means we go quite a bit, but some days are more fun than others. This weekend Alyce took such pleasure in building a space station out of blocks and then telling everyone all about it. This includes Matt and I, science centre staff, and other random people who were standing nearby. I also learned to bring a change of clothes after the two of them soaked themselves in the water play area. Note to self and everyone else who doesn't want to buy replacement shirts for their kids in the gift shop, which I did.

:: Everywhere I turn I find tiny little dollies. Such is life at our house.

:: There was much snow. It cancelled plans, gave space for snow angels, and offered itself up for the creation of not one, but two snowmen. We used black olives for eyes and buttons because one needs to improvise sometimes. 

How was your weekend? We never made it tobogganing, which I completely regret. Evidently I was too busy eating cake.

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