Monday, January 21, 2013

Around our house

Around our house today:

... Recovering from one of those Monday mornings where all of us should have returned to bed and started over again. Keys were lost, mysterious leg ailments abounded, snow pants zippers refused to budge, and school bells rang before we had arrived at the kindergarten door. Also, it's one million degrees below zero.

... Working on an important application letter. Again.

... Crossing my fingers that Shira is only painting on the paper in the next room.

... Packing up piles of books for a trip to the library this afternoon.

... Plotting my work plan for the week. It's a busy one. 

... Planning for Tu B'Shevat and Shabbat this Friday night and excited to welcome some of our favourite people to celebrate with us. Alyce started painting trees this morning in preparation. Also on my list: buy parsley seeds, fruits, nuts, and olives. If you're celebrating Tu B'Shevat, you can find some ideas here.

... Preparing a post for tomorrow, when I'll share with you the first thing I accomplished on my 100 Resolutions list!

I wish you the most warmest of weeks. May it be filled with wool socks and fire places!


  1. Oh those days when going back to bed is best, know them well. Hope it turned into a better one.

  2. M gets mysterious leg ailments too...while claiming that all the bruises on them are her "fwends"...3 year olds are so weird.

  3. Thanks, sustainablemum, it did turn out into a much better day. And KGH, "fwends" kill me. Yesterday Alyce was trying to come up with words that begin with an "f," her letter of the week at school, and she very proudly declared "free," as in the number "three." She also says "hoscipal" instead of "hospital."