Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100 Resolutions: Part One

Sarah Goldschadt started a habit of writing 100 resolutions, and I think we should, too. This isn't a life list, but a list of 100 things I want to accomplish this year, doable, manageable, accomplishable things. I have always written resolutions and I swear by them (even when they when I break them), but what I like so much about writing 100 resolutions is that it forces you to break up some of your larger, loftier goals into smaller, workable parts. 

Here it goes. I'll be back with updates and progress reports!

100 Resolutions: Part One

1. Bake my own challah every week (I already know I love to do this, and since my recipe makes four loaves that I can easily freeze, this is a no-brainer.)
2. Have a picnic in High Park
3. Get a massage
4. Crochet a blanket
5. Join or start a book club
6. Soak my own beans
7. Take Matt to a college basketball game
8. Read another book by Stephen King
9. Go to the dentist (eye roll)
10. Drink more tea
11. Take Alyce ice-skating
12. Finish season two of Mad Men
13. Write more thank-you cards
14. Smile when I answer the phone
15. Call my dad more
16. Spoil my my mum on Mother's Day
17. Stop holding my breath
18. Return to a yoga class (see above resolution re: breathing)
19. Never apologize for who I am
20. Make more cakes
21. Tell my friends that I love them
22. Host a fabulous tea party
23. Get a membership to the Toronto Zoo
24. Go for more walks
25. Sing more
26. Invite someone I've just met over for dinner
27. Publish an article somewhere that isn't my own blog
28. Menu plan the heck out of our dinners
29. Create a new morning routine
30. Attend as many births as I can
31. Resist desire to put things off and return emails as they come in
32. Take Shira to her first movie at the theatre
33. Learn to cook fish other than salmon
34. Open a savings account dedicated to a vacation with my husband and not my children
35. Ask my darling mum to watch our children while we enjoy said vacation
36. Find the perfect shade of lipstick that reflects my desire to feel beautifully put together yet not look like a clown
37. See at least half of the movies nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards
38. Institute a one-in, one-out policy for toys and clothes in our house, which will require me to:
39. Accept that I can't keep every single thing my children have used/created/loved and choose a select few special things to keep until the end of time
40. In honour of not keeping everything, develop a system for dealing with Alyce and Shira's endless piles of art work
41. Drink more vegetables (anyone have a spare juicer?)
42. Make it through all eight days of Passover without eating all those delicious foods that rise
43. Say yes to my daughters more
44. Re-read some of my favourite children's literature (first up: The Secret Garden)
45. Paint the girls' room
46. Ride a bicycle
47. Send more mail
48. Plant an herb garden
49. Remember to water it
50. Take a bath with my clothes on (see above photo for inspiration)

Check back tomorrow for 100 Resolutions: Part Two, where I resolve to do such interesting things as install a bathroom shelf and find the perfect place to store my sewing projects. Are you kind of excited?


  1. Ooh...I want to do this now!! If I get five minutes, I will!!

  2. I cannot wait to see your list!

  3. Wow, that is a lot of things to do in a year! I think it would overwhelm me to have such a long list, good luck!

  4. I tried to create this list in such a way that left a lot of freedom in the execution of each task. Like I mentioned in the Part Two post, these aren't grand, life-changing tasks on their own, but a way to remind me of how I want to live. Guide posts, maybe?

    If such a list would overwhelm someone, then it isn't for them! Thanks for the wishes of good luck. I hope you have a great year, too!