Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It seems that Instagram is in some trouble for scaring the pants of its users this week (concerns about selling users' photos without payment or consultation), but I'm not frightened. Yet. Like today I want to share some photos and a little about our past week, but it's December and there are birthdays and Hanukkah and Christmas and opening a doula business and I can barely find the time to breathe. I like how Instagram feels like story, and I'm sharing these with you here even though I've already shared them there. Are you on Instagram? Tell me how to find you!

So this is us this week. In between all the crazy we're making a lot of crafts (including that scarf Alyce is sporting above) and beginning to bundle up for winter. Here's to the crazy this month, and here's to all those moments in between, the pre-dawn colouring sessions, the hugs, the walking to school to pick up older sisters, and the naps (oh, how I wish there were more naps). I'll be around here a lot this week, but in the meantime, here's a little of our story.

What's your story this week?

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