Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And it was a great birthday

I had a birthday last week and wanted to share a few photos with you. On the morning of my birthday I was showered with not one, not two, but at least six birthday cards from Alyce and Shira, not to mention the presents, both new and old. What do I mean by old presents? If you're a parent you probably know what I'm taking about: young children find unbelievable joy in the giving of presents, so much so that they will find old things around the house and lovingly wrap them up just for you on your birthday. In addition to the new baking spatula and ovenproof baking dishes I received (thanks Mum), I also opened a half-used sheet of stickers, a points card from our local frozen yogurt store, and sponge, all wrapped carefully in Tinkerbell wrapping paper. What else could I possibly need?

I celebrated my birthday weekend (why celebrate only for one day?) in style: lunch dates with friends, quiet dinners with husbands (mine), and an all-afternoon dinner with my family. The girls were dressed in their best birthday clothes, fairy princess costumes optional. Sadly I did not take a single photo of Matt that weekend, but I can assure you he was there celebrating with us.  I did, however, snap a photo of myself, for posterity. Mostly it's just a photo of my iPhone. Danielle, age 35, and her iPhone. You're welcome.

Thank you to everyone for giving me the loveliest of birthdays.

P.S. That baby I was waiting for? Well, she arrived a few days later. And she is perfect, in case you were wondering. As is her mother.


  1. Love your hair!! And those girls. My goodness...just unbearably sweet. Heartbreakingly sweet!! Happy birthday!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes! The hair, not so sure about that, but I'll enjoy for now and see what happens next;)