Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What are you good at?

I have my first window over the kitchen sink. Makes me very happy.

The ups and downs (and side to side) of settling into a new life are keeping me busy. We aren't just settling into a new home, but both Matt and I are trying to make some pretty big changes (of which I'll probably bore you with at a later date), never mind the challenges of helping two small people adjust to this new world of ours (for the record: Matt is mostly sleeping not on the floor of Alyce and Shira's bedroom, so there is progress). I have this habit of getting awfully down on myself when things feel a bit hard, a quality I'm dying to get rid of, and this past week has been a tough one on that front. So with hopes of getting over myself and on not focusing on my qualities that I wish were different, here is a list of things I am good at. Not included, though certainly relevant, are nods to my ability to recall useless bits of information from my past, like the order of my classes in grade nine (first term: math, gym, keyboarding, geography)

Ten things I'm good at

1. Baking chocolate chip cookies with a reliably delicious ratio of chocolate to flaky salt.
2. Letting my children know how much I love them.
3. Parallel parking.
4. Making people feel welcome.
5. Making a point.
6. Pie, the making and the eating.
7. Tagging along for an adventure.
8. Making my husband laugh.
9.  Dreaming big.
10. Wanting the best for people.

What are you good at?

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