Thursday, August 30, 2012

And you thought you had a good party trick

A few weeks before Alyce was born in 2007.

I've been sitting on an experience I had a few weeks ago, wanting to shout about it from the rooftops, while at the same time wanting to keep it quietly to myself for just a few moments more. Do you know that feeling?

I have mentioned a few times that I am becoming a labour doula. In fact, I am starting my own doula business here in Toronto. I haven't written about the details of my new business (opening soon!) because there is just so much work to put in first before I'm ready to open the doors, so to speak. I'm still finishing my doula certification and trying to identify all the moving parts of starting a small business (turns out there are a lot of parts).

These details will come, soon I hope, but in the meantime.

Two weeks ago I watched as my first doula client gave birth. This woman and her partner generously allowed me to learn from them as they approached the birth of their baby, through multiple prenatal visits and then for twenty-one hours of labour, delivery, and celebration. What can I say about my first opportunity to support a family during the birth of new baby? It. Was. Amazing. Their story isn't mine to tell, but I will tell you this: I stood next to her, holding one of her legs as she pushed and pushed, and I just started to weep, not only because I was standing before birth of a beautiful and healthy baby girl, but because I was stopped in my tracks by the strength of this woman. How does the world not stop and marvel at this strength every single day? I will never forget what I witnessed that day.

To anyone and everyone who has given birth, no matter how it happened or what it looked like: wow. You did good work. And you are stronger than you ever realized.

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  1. I said this to my son the other day. He said, "I wish you had magical powers". I said, "I do...I grow human beings in my body and give birth to them, AND make food for them. With my own body!" As we approach our fourth birth, I'm reflecting so much on the unspeakable power of giving birth. No words could ever convey the magic of it to someone who doesn't already get it, you know?? I had a fetal ultrasound to make sure this baby's heart is sound, and it is...I saw little chambers and her aorta...unbelievable!
    You are a wonderful doula, I'm sure! I'll email you my sister's doula business info (though she's out of the doula-ing these days, except to attend my births)for your perusal! Wonderful to hear you so passionate and excited!