Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time for bed

I had to be out of the house for bedtime tonight, and though the girls should have been in bed fast asleep, by the time I returned, these two were still awake. Life doesn't always turn out the way of a scheduled bedtime. Matt, who had probably imagined a couple of hours of quiet, spent two hours trying to convince Shira to fall asleep (and with his lack of lactating parts he was losing the battle before it had even begun), which in turn ignited Alyce to begin her own petition for no-bedtime, since why should she sleep if the other wasn't going to (fair question)? When I walked in the door two hours past Shira's bedtime she was a bit manic, in that joyful way she has about her. She immediately brought me to the couch where I nursed her for a few minutes, Alyce sprawled on top of the both of us. It was neither comfortable nor productive (who could focus under these conditions?), but it was absolutely worth a late bedtime. I was able to sit and enjoy my children for a few minutes before sending them off for the night, an absolutely perfect thing to do even when only away for a couple of hours. They climbed on Matt's lap for a few minutes before it was really, really bedtime, and now I have these photos.

This is why it's good to relax some days. Note to self.

Night night.

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