Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two different shoes

It was one of those long days where nothing goes terribly wrong but you just can't find the patience for the whining or the questions or the whining and all you want to do is hide under a rock for a few hours, until the other parent finally comes home from his thirteen hours away at work, and he gives everyone hugs, and then you look down and see how when he got up at five this morning he put on two different shoes.

All day long he wore two different shoes. Both brown, different shades, one with laces and one without. He himself only realized on the train, on his way home, about twelve hours after he put them on.

Raise your hand if you would have smiled watching this husband of mine saunter down the street in two different brown shoes? I, for one, cannot stop smiling.

1 comment:

  1. i can't comment......i am laughing, seriously...too hard.

    Nice...MATT......that somehow tops all of my stuff over the years......i always say to people...did you wife check you before you left or? THANKS for the comedic break. UG