Monday, May 7, 2012

What you missed last week

  • A trip to Riverdale Farm in downtown Toronto. We traveled into the city one day last week with Matt, and while he was working we enjoyed the most beautiful little farm in the centre of an otherwise very busy city. Also: I took Matt to the Riverdale farm on our first (sort of) date in 2005. He didn't know it was a date, but I did.
  • Shira napped and I took a walk in the woods near Alyce's school one morning.
  • I baked two loaves of pumpkin bread, one for home and one to charm my new classmates at the doula training I began last weekend. Yes, I am on my way to becoming a labour doula (I'll fill you in on that a little bit later) and I can't wait. It's a good way to spend my time this year. Anyone looking for a doula?

  • There were many trips to the library. One of my favourite parts of the day is watching Alyce put her bed together each night, carefully placing her best library books in the just the right spot. Also on her bed: Bear and Mrs. Bear, a hair brush, a drawing of her best friend, a valentine, and a certificate she received after a hard morning of entomology training at Kindergarten last week.
  • Alyce learned to feed pigeons. 
  • We hosted a party for my grandfather (Mary Alyce's husband) this weekend and celebrated his eightieth birthday. At eighty years old my grandfather gardens all day long, has learned to cook for the first time in his life, and is not above playing baby stroller with Alyce.

  • Took Alyce and Shira out for breakfast while we were visiting Toronto. 
  • Sought refuge at a friend's house after a long day of errands with The Children. I love having friends who let you throw your kids in the tub with their kids.
Now it's a new week. I'm excited for some new beginnings and I'm already working on some strategies for rediscovering my energy. Do you have any suggestions? What works for you?

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