Friday, May 11, 2012

And she's two

Shira Clementine makes my heart swell each and every day, even when I'm exhausted and irritated. Today she is two. Here is a list of things she enjoys: Alyce, butterflies, farm animals, lentils, hats, princesses, marching, painting, breastfeeding, and cake. I could go on all day but then you would surely roll your eyes and wonder why it was that you even joined me here.

She's excited about her birthday, but let me be clear: this birthday is really all about her parents. At two years old her birth is still fresh in my mind and I find myself daydreaming about my labour and what it felt like when she finally emerged. In case you are interested: a lot of pain, worry, a little panic, relief, delight, heartache (the good kind), euphoria, and hunger, in that order.

The harder memories, like the isolation I felt when she was born so many hours away from friends and family, are more distant. Instead I am grateful for the generous visitors we did have, who traveled very far, not just to meet Shira, but to offer us support. These visitors might not remember much about their trip to Delaware two years ago, but when I think of Shira's birth I think of them, too. Thank you doesn't quite cover it.


We are having a very small party tomorrow afternoon with some friends and their two young children. Today it is just me and the girls, as it is most days. I've spent the day baking this yellow butter cake and cupcakes, and even though we're saving most of the celebrations for tomorrow, the three of us shared a pink birthday cupcake this afternoon, candle and all. Now I'm off to assemble a wooden dollhouse for a certain two year old (please don't spoil the surprise)!

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