Saturday, April 21, 2012

She rides

How is your weekend treating you so far? In our house it's been a hit. We hosted some friends today for an all afternoon visit, ending with dinner and some fabulous cookies. It does my heart so good to spend time with friends, especially the kind that show up at our door with cheese and fresh coffee beans. There were kids everywhere and only one minor injury. I call that a success.

I feel like our weekend officially started on late Friday afternoon, when Alyce, Shira and I took Alyce's brand new, purple and green, covered in Tinkerbell, first-ever bike around the block. My mum gave both girls the gift of new bikes recently, and they are now prized possessions. Alyce is so proud of herself and I've loved watching her navigate all these new skills she's developing. Friday marked the first time she's taken to the sidewalks and she never looked back. Shira and I simply tagged along for moral support. And to help with the flower picking.

Do you spend days riding your bike when you were a kid? I had the ugliest, most wonderful banana seat bike that I would ride all day long, usually playing cops and robbers with my best friend. Or I would ride to the store to waste my money on candy.

Happy weekend!

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