Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One month left

In one month today my teeny tiny Shira will turn two. I'm going to just take a moment to let that settle in. Two years with my little nursling. Alyce and I have just one month to plan a wee party for Shira. We've been discussing it for weeks and we've decided (finally) on a strawberry picnic in the backyard. Alyce is excited for a strawberry party because she expects there will be lots of pink, but I'm looking forward to it for other reasons. I ate fresh strawberries by the pound in those first weeks after her birth. May birthdays are lovely for so many reasons, and warm strawberries in the sunshine are just one of them.

I have one month left to enjoy my one-year old. One month to smother every inch of her with kisses before she's two and I, well, smother her with more kisses.


  1. You take so much joy in your parenting! I love it! I had two May babies; when the first was totally new, a neighbour came by with a HUGE basket of sun-warmed berries he'd picked that morning...I think I ate the whole thing and I imagine my milk must have tasted strawberries. I think of it every time I eat a strawberry, even now, seven years later. Sounds like you have the makings of a perfect party for TWO!

  2. You're up early again! I hope the house is quiet at least.

    May babies are delicious. You've got some preparations to do yourself then! Matt's birthday is also in May, and I sort of forgot it last year. I'm planning that one, too.