Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A sick day and a dress

Shira's stomach flu has dug its heels into our house. Shira is on the mend, but still run down, not too hungry, and in general suspicious of the world. She's now passed the bug along to me, and while I'm not feeling my best, I'm not completely knocked over by it. Let's just cross fingers that Alyce is immune. (Can you hear the universe laughing? I sure can.) We are set to leave for Vancouver this weekend (four more sleeps, if you ask Alyce), and I would like everyone to have a clean bill of health before we ago. Because of course I'm envisioning projectile vomiting during the five-hour plane ride. 

So the three of us settled in for another day at home. But what a day at home it was! I didn't check the temperature all day, but I can tell you that it was officially warm. I put a hat on Shira more out of habit than anything else. Can you see the bottom of her dress peeking out from her coat? It was Alyce's dress, and she wore it on the day I went into labour with Shira. I remember that Matt, Alyce and I went together to see our midwife that morning, where we were warned about all the potential labour-inducing tactics we might face over the next few days since I was forty-one weeks. My midwife performed my third (yes, third) stretch and sweep of the old membranes, and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable by the time we left. We did some errands together, went to another appointment, and later that night I was sure that she was finally ready.

The next morning we were a family of four. Ever since that day, whenever I look at that dress, my heart feels heavy with all those emotions I felt knowing that I was going to have to split my love between two little ones. All of those experiences I had only shared with Alyce, like breastfeeding, spending hours in bed counting toes, or days wandering around carrying her in my sling, just the two of us, were no longer just going to be ours. It took my breath away that day. And now, so does the dress. But I quickly caught that breath and chased Shira down the street a hundred different times as we walked, the three of us, around the block this morning.

For a sick day, it wasn't so bad. On our walk this morning we met some new friends who have invited us over later in the week. They have two girls, a four year old and a brand new baby. Do you think she heard my uterus ache as I caught a glimpse of her newborn tucked closely into her wrap? I hope not. I like to wait until at least the second new-friend date before my uterus starts making loud noises.

Later in the afternoon, after Shira took a glorious two hour nap, in which time Alyce and I made some paintings for friends and watched all the good parts of Beauty and the Beast (no need to waste time on Gaston, of course), we headed back outside to enjoy a perfect late afternoon sun. We quickly found ourselves collecting as many acorn hats as possible. And yes, that is the latest issue of Real Simple that arrived in the mail this morning. For a couple of girls with the flu, it wasn't so bad at all.

I include this last photo as an ode to my iphone. Just a little shout-out to my camera of choice.

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  1. Your posts are the perfect mix of poignant and humorous. I remember that feeling so well; late in my pregnancy we took Jude to the beach and I was so aware of it being the last day at the beach as a family of three...Violet was born a couple of days later and I still remember what I was wearing that day at the beach. What's amazing is that there's usually enough love to go around...even when you have three! This weather is healing my winter-weary soul. Have a great trip!! Fingers crossed against projectile vomiting.