Monday, March 26, 2012


So we're back from Vancouver and it is time to regroup. The news last week sent my world spinning a little bit, but I'm back. We're back. It's now time to slowly piece together a new plan for the next year or two. There are times when I stubbornly, in true tantrum fashion, refuse to make another plan. We have been doing nothing but making plans for a very long time now! But then I think, maybe all this practice will finally make perfect, right? So now that my tantrum is over, I will use my experience in planning for the good. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

For now, for Monday, we are settling in back home. With some extra sleep for this morning (hello time change!), Alyce is back at school after missing last week for our visit out west. My heart felt lighter this morning after watching her kindergarten class welcome her back like a rock star returning from a world tour, or an astronaut returning from the first trip to Jupiter. Alyce was greeted by enormous hugs and loud cheers from her class. She gave me the widest grin and I know she felt special. And she is special.

Shira and I are spending the day at home. We're making muffins (again), catching up on Smash, and slowly unpacking. As she naps this afternoon I'm reintroducing myself to some work that was waiting for me, something I'm enjoying very much. It's good for my brain to focus on my teaching for now.

I'll be posting some (many) photos from our trip later today, so I'll thank you in advance for indulging me. For now, I wish you the very best of Mondays!

P.S. Thank you so much for all the kind messages you've sent me over the past few days. It means everything.

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