Friday, March 16, 2012

And a good Friday morning to you

Around our house, sometimes we just like to eat our oatmeal in bed. My mum's bed, to be exact. While watching cartoons. I can tell you that the experience of having a bed picnic with two small children is worth the extra bit of clean-up.

So, what are you doing today? Are you counting the hours until a weekend of spring weather? Will you find a farmer's market to wander through? If I weren't flying to Vancouver this weekend, that's exactly what I'd be doing. But I am flying to Vancouver in one more sleep, as Alyce declared upon waking this morning, so I have a busy day of preparations. It's a long, long list:

  • Finish lesson notes for my online course. I believe the deadline was last week. Oops. 
  • Stop by the dollar store for delightful pieces of plastic that might entertain two kids on a plane for five hours. Also, stickers.
  • Pick up a new dolly for a certain four-year-old sister of mine
  • Pack our bags!
  • Make snacks and lunches for our trip.
  • Stress about airport security with two small children, one of whom has a habit of running away.
  • Eat some homemade pizza with Matt and enjoy at least a little bit of March Madness with him.
  • Sleep twenty hours.
  • Come to terms with that last one not happening, but still get to bed before nine. 
I hope your own Friday moves along quickly and gets you to the weekend!

What are your plans? 

P.S. A very useful post from Oh Happy Day! on flying with young kids.

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