Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The work of girls

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to raise girls. I have two girls, good girls, silly girls, loving girls, clever girls, bouncy girls.

Both times I was pregnant Matt and I decided to find out the sex of our baby. It's a girl, we heard both times, though I already knew that. Or maybe I just wanted it to be so. I also imagined that I'd be the mother of girls. 

Each time I was growing a new baby girl, too many people would stop warn me about my future girls. Oh, girls are so hard to raise. They'll get you into trouble. Boys are so easy. I was over the moon about the upcoming birth of my daughters, but people were warning me, giving me that knowing look.

Ok. I've been warned.

And so I prepare myself for the tough work of girls. I school them in the fine art of tomfoolery, storytelling, and tea parties. We devote long hours to interpretive dancing, exploring, and piracy.

But mostly, we just bounce.

Girls are hard work because people are hard work. Yes, they'll face particular challenges because they are girls, but they'll face these problems because of the world we live in, not because they are girls. I'm here to stand up for my girls, and I hope I can use this space to encourage, remind, and sing the praises of not judging our children before they even have a chance to grow.


  1. that: "they'll face these problems because of the world we live in, not because they are girls"...brilliant. I'm going to share this with my sister; she has three girls and a granddaughter!

  2. This is the sister! LOVE this. Am passing on to my eldest with the 10-month-old daughter herself. Such true words! I consder it such a privilege to raise girls. (and I am sure those with boys feel the same)
    p.s. we have the same duvet cover as you :)

  3. I, as a mother of three girls (17.15 and 6) really relate to this post.
    Your words are true in every sense.

  4. KGH, thanks for passing this along! And Lana the sister, welcome! Girls get a lot more support now in many ways, but there is still this annoying legacy of girls being trouble. Drives me nuts. NUTS! Also, excellent choice in bed linens.

    Sheepish, thanks for saying so. Three girls! I hope I am so lucky.