Sunday, February 12, 2012

This week in stay-at-home parenting

 There were many walks to and from school. The snail pace at which we moved gave me a chance to welcome the sun back into my life. I feel as though it had been grey for years.

We enjoyed spending time with some friends amidst the chaos of the bookstore-turned-playdate venue. These crazy new bookstores reel you in with giant tea cups and enormous train tables, but then they get back as you purchase your weight in books on your way out. Here Alyce is reading to her friend my most hated Barbie story, wherein girls at a charm school stab each other in the backs in order to get ahead. I don't allow it in our home so she's taking full advantage of its availability at Chapters.

 The Children coloured approximately 2,293 pictures of the following: butterflies, rainbows, bees, trees, ponies, and princesses. And one stunning portrait of a baby we know. I will be talking about this for a long time, so bear with me, but watching Alyce go from squiggles to elaborate (humour me) portraits of people we know astounds me. I just can't comprehend how she's gone from being a baby who eats crayons to drawing, if you will, masterpieces.

 With my first full week at home with the girls I took advantage of the extra time in the kitchen. This past Wednesday found me and Shira in the kitchen (Alyce was at school), where we made tomato soup and oat bread in time to enjoy for lunch. I'd love to offer you a recipe for the tomato soup, but I would be embarrassed to call it a "recipe." Instead I'll call dressing up a can of whole tomatoes with a some onions, a little olive oil, some stock and some cream. But it was exactly what I wanted. And one of the reasons that Shira is one of my two favourite daughters is our shared love of all food. She literally threw herself into our lunch. A perfect date.

And I would also like to point out that we discovered green things growing in the woods next to Alyce's school. Green things do not grow in Canadian Februaries, but here is the proof. I think even the leaves must have been excited that it was Tu B'Shevat

Lest you think that our week was all sunshine and artistry, I'll share with you the following story: On the morning of the bookstore play date, after dashing like a madwoman to get the three of us dressed, snacked up and in the car, and after chasing these two around aisles of books for an hour, I finally managed to carry Shira, my bag, a coffee (obviously), and Alyce out of the store and back into the car. It sounds easy when you say like that, but it wasn't. Shira won't walk holding my hand for more than a few steps, so I have to carry her everywhere (why oh why do I always leave my Ergo in the car?); I was determined to finish my coffee, so there goes my other hand. Always the model of safety, I asked Alyce to hold on to my jacket while we walked through the parking lot to get to the car. We were a sight. So we're finally in the car, all of us buckled into their seats, when Alyce comes out with this: Mama, I probably should have told you before we left the store, but I need to pee. Bad. For thirty seconds I cursed loudly in my head, cried out in horror, again, in my head, and then got over myself and admitted that we were all heading back into the store. Honestly, it made me laugh a lot.

How was your week? Are you ready for the next one?

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