Sunday, February 26, 2012

My two

On account of poor planning, feeding six people, and a love food, I find myself at the grocery store multiple times a week. And these two seem to follow me everywhere. I would like to point out three things:
  • Shira is in love with Alyce. Most of the time this love is returned. Other times, not quite.
  • No matter how hard she tried, Alyce did not successfully sneak a bottle of salad dressing into our shopping cart.
  • Alyce and Shira are still carrying around their valentine's cards, which means that I am faced with looking at pictures of Barbie on a daily hourly basis. 
I didn't get around to posting these earlier in the week, but here some things I've been reading this week about, you guessed it, food:

Re: dinner time. We totally follow these strategies when it comes to Alyce, especially the one about never telling her what we're having beforehand (a guarantee that she won't eat it).

The comments following Design Mom's recent post on feeding children in France are worth reading.

I love the way she writes about feeding her family. Here is a post from last week.

I struggle with keeping a "family table." Stephanie at The Knitty Gritty Homestead has a different suggestion.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. Feeding our children is such a huge responsibility, and a primal task...from the moment they latch beyond. It's worth the struggle, when it is a struggle! Love the side-by-side grocery cart. I never think to bring a camera to those commonplace outings!

  2. I know. I KNOW. It is huge, but yes, worth the struggle. I really loved your post because sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to get order in the kitchen that I forget to sometimes just let them eat.

    Also, every photo I take is with my iphone, so it's always around!