Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday favourites

I love winter, it's true, but there is something so lovely about waking up to this sunny yellow wall and a bicycle in the middle of all this cold. I don't even ride a bike (yet) but I have big plans. I have even bigger plans to enjoy this yellow wall. I don't think I have a single yellow object in my house! That will have to change soon.

Here are few more of my favourite things this week, or, more to the point, here is the food I'd like to eat:

I don't even like mousse, but I'm helpless against this tiny pot of chocolate. It has two ingredients (three, if you like extra sweet). Via Cup of Jo.

These muffins (and her incredible photos).

I think I'm up to the challenge. Now I just need to get my hands on a starter.

Will Alyce approve of this new mac and cheese recipe? I'll report back.

I have been craving grain salads lately, like this one.

P.S. In a few minutes we're taking Alyce for her check-up at the new doctor. She's unimpressed by the shot she's likely to get, but eager for the chocolate milkshake she'll enjoy for all her bravery. It's hard work being four.

Bicycle photo from April and May.


  1. mMMMmmm... completely drooling over the mac n cheese as well as that grain salad. That salad is the exact type of thing I imagine cooking for you if ever I get you into my kitchen. :-)


  2. Yellow! It can be so bad, and it can also be so good.
    I make quinoa it!! So nourishing and healthy! Oh, and remind me and I'll send you a recipe for maple mousee...YUM!