Sunday, January 8, 2012

This handsome face

This handsome face belongs to my cousin's son, Kymani, who turned five years old this week. I consider five a "big" birthday, one of those events in your life worthy of some going over the top celebrations. When you're five, you're not a little kid anymore. Five comes with some hefty responsibilities: maintaining friendships, asking big questions that come with big answers, and, of course, some serious hot wheels playing. I think Kymani has all of this down already, and he's only known five a few days. And don't you just want to kiss that face?

P.S. You'll all be relieved to know, just as she was, that there were girl toys in her goody bag at Kymani's birthday party yesterday. There were, after all, a few boys at this party, and she was getting antsier with each passing minute. Everyone can breath a sigh of relief, for there was both a tiara AND a princess stamp in the bag. I repeat, there was a tiara and a princess stamp. As you were.

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