Thursday, December 15, 2011

This conversation actually happened

Alyce: Mama, what's your favourite princess?

Me: I think Belle is my favourite (editor's note: I don't actually have a favourite princess).

Alyce: What is your other favourite princess?

Me: Well, I think I only have one favourite.

Alyce: No, no, no, you have three favourites. I have three favourites. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle. Who else is your favourite?

Me: Ok. My other favourite princess is Elizabeth, from The Paper Bag Princess.

(Wait for it.)

Alyce: No! She's not a princess! You need to pick a pretty princess.

Me: Elizabeth is beautiful. And she saves her prince from a very large dragon. A VERY large dragon.

Alyce: But she's not a BIG princess! And she's not pretty enough! She needs to be prettier!! Mama, tell me your other favourite pretty princesses.

Me: Belle and Elizabeth. Those are my two.

Alyce: NO. Elizabeth does not have a pretty dress. And she's not pink or purple. AND SHE'S NOT PRETTY.

Me: (Head explodes.)

The End.

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  1. Yes, we also have conversations like that around here, only it involves Transformers or "Hero Factory" guys... hilarious (and head exploding, too...)