Saturday, December 17, 2011

How we roll on a Saturday night

Kids asleep, on the couch, each with a laptop doing our own work, occasionally sending each other messages through gmail chat. We're applying for jobs, checking Twitter, knitting (that's me), watching some preseason basketball (that's mostly him), collectively daydreaming about a time when we will both have jobs again. I know multitasking isn't always the best strategy, but I love these nights. And if we hadn't already finished that bottle of champagne last night, I'd suggest that we have a glass tonight. Because even though we don't have anything in particular to celebrate, we always have fun together, and that's reason enough. Somehow we are still married after seven straight months of complete uncertainty. Our secret? I'm not sure, but I know it does involve some pretty terrible jokes and the occasional random bottle of champagne.

P.S. Dear Immigration: pretty please send us some good news soon. It would do wonders for our little family. We love you immigration! You're the best! We know you can do it! xoxo

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