Thursday, December 22, 2011

Be warm and kind and understanding

You know when you just need to go upstairs and apologize for a stupid argument, but you're too headstrong and you just end up making it worse, and so you stay downstairs, steaming, even though you know it is not only the wrong thing to do, but that it is exactly what's stopping you from being there for the love of your life? All that's being asked from me is to be warm and kind and understanding, and all I'm doing is shutting down. Do you know what happens when you shut down? Nothing. You don't move forward, you don't feel better. So now, rather than write anymore here, I am going to go upstairs and apologize. Because both kids are asleep, the work of the day is done, and I will not let this lovely night go to waste.

This night will certainly get better. And to you, good night.

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