Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uncharted Territory

You'd think I was done talking about my boobs. Alas, no.

I'm not here to go on about breastfeeding debates today, though. I'm here to ask for your advice. Shira has entered an entirely new aggressive phase in her approach to breastfeeding. I call her Milkzilla. It goes something like this:
I want milk. It's been ten minutes. No, I want it faster. No, that's not fast enough. It's been another ten minutes. I want more. I'll tackle you if I have to. Is that my sister on your lap. Oh, no she doesn't. I'll just smack her down until she gets her three-year-old bum away from you. There, ok. I'll have more milk then. I'm done now, but don't move since I'll be back in ten minutes for some more. Alright, then. Hey wait, I want some more now.
I could go on. Shira certainly does. All day long. Alyce never behaved this way. She loved nursing as much as any baby, but at this age she seemed content to nurse before naps, after a bump or fall, and first thing in the morning. Shira is sixteen months and I expect that there is a lot contributing to her attack on my boobs. First, she's not talking yet (except for calling Mama), and I think she's frustrated a lot of the time. Maybe she's nursing her way through the frustration? Second, she's been teething hard for a month and since nursing cures all, I imagine that it makes her mouth feel better. Third, breastfeeding is the one thing that belongs to Shira and nobody else. She competes with her big sister all day long for toys and attention, but the boobs are hers, and hers alone. It might be her way of showing the world that I belong to her, as she navigates her place in our family.

Really, Shira. There's no need to worry. I'm always here. Now please, just for this morning, please enjoy some milk in your cup. Oh right, you do not accept substitutes. I forgot.

Have any of you had experience with this? Once I return to work she'll have limited access to me during the day, but I have no intention of weaning her any time soon. Any thoughts?


  1. I'm thinking it's teeth? I can't really remember...I last nursed a 16 month old over 3 years ago...I can see how it would drive you around the bend, though. What happens if you say...um...no?

  2. Say no? I did say no the other day and I'm surprised you didn't hear it all the way in Eastern Ontario. She yells, cries, and generally collapses in horror. It's pretty cute, actually. Don't tell her.