Monday, August 29, 2011

Three year olds make excellent fashion choices

Given the choice, Alyce will always choose a dress. Some days, though, it's not just a dress. It's a ball gown. And now that Shira eagerly plays the role of adoring little sister, faithfully trailing behind the tall one, Alyce is happy to make suggestions for Shira, too. I'm happy to pass along any feedback that you might have, though we only accept the good kind. To all those older women at the grocery store with your unkind stares, I'll kindly ask you to take your miserable and utterly joyless outlook somewhere else. If she wants to wear a gown to the grocery store, so be it. 

I took these photos late last week in a last ditch effort to exhaust Alyce before bedtime. Bedtime has spiraled into new territory at our house. She has taken not wanting to go to/stay in/return to bed to heroic levels, and Matt and I are seeking shelter. I am hereby asking anyone to come to our house between the hours of 6:30 pm and and 6:30 am and deal with it. Please, just for one night. We need a fresh pair of eyes and hands. We also would love a break. And so you'll now find us trying to run or cycle the crazy out of her with hopes that a very tired kid might stay in her bed for the night. This week we might try running laps, roller-skating, rock-climbing, and maybe a triathlon. All will be done, of course, in a ball gown.

I hope this Monday finds everyone safe and sound. I am so grateful for all the kind words you have sent my way regarding my job search. It really makes such a difference. Thank you.

P.S. We went (sort-of) camping this weekend and I have not one photo to show for it! I'm waiting for our friend Chris to pass along some photos before I share the details. One hint: it was so much fun.

P.P.S. I sense a guest post coming later this week. You might recognize him as the father of The Children.

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  1. You're never fully dressed without a tutu. I've just revamped the dress up box in my kindergarten room with ballgowns, fairy wings and dresses, glittery capes, satin capes, crowns, and knight costumes. The kids are going to go CRAZY when they see them! Part of me is picturing the scene from Cinderella where the step sisters destroy Cinderella's dress (that's MINE! No! I had it first!) but we'll have to create some kind of sharing system. My kids get "the look" too (Violet once wore a bathing suit, goggles, and rubber boots to the store)...I mentally flip the bird to sour faces.
    I don't know where you live. I'd come and help. I'd read and sing them to sleep.