Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scenes from a long week

It's felt like a week that wouldn't end, one long week of not having found a job, figuring out how to make ends meet in our new jobless world, of melting in the heat of summer that just won't give up. But our week was also filled some rather lovely details, too.

There was nursing. Always a lot of nursing.

There were snacks at big kid tables.

There were friends tucked in for naps.

Alyce is always very thoughtful to include a book and a toy.

 There was Lucy helping me job search.

There were swings, thoroughly enjoyed.

As Alyce explained, many, many times over, there are swings for "even even really big kids, so she can swing on it, because she's an even even really big kid. Shira is not."

She is certainly an even even really big kid.

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