Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fifteen months

Hello, Shira. Yes. I know you're very big now.

But thankfully you are not yet as big as your sister, who seems to have grown a hundred inches overnight, when we weren't looking. You'll never be that big, right?

I'm know you want to be big one day. I see how you watch your older sister. You let her drag you around by the arm (gentle, Alyce, please,) bossing you around from place to place. You get irritated when she doesn't share the good toys, but mostly it's just a show. You'd give anything to play with her, even if that means you play with her reject. That's what having a big sister is all about.

Did I mention that once you were small, and that you fit in my insides? What's this business about you growing and walking and learning to talk? Thankfully you still look like this every night, and it makes your Mama very happy.

Happy fifteen months, my wee one.

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