Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't tell Alyce

We've had a few adventures these last couple of days while Alyce has been at daycare. It feels a bit like a parent vacation when there is only one of them (and when that one tends to sit quietly eating in her high chair for hours). Matt is back from Poland (more that on that soon) and we are all delighted, elated, and generally goofy with relief. Alyce tells Matt regularly that he is not to go back to Poland (you and me both, sister) and Shira was so excited that she started walking (more on that later, too).

I escaped yesterday, just me and Shira, to spend the day with some amazing friends I only manage to see once or twice a year. The five of us worked together, wearing kilts and serving beer, at an Irish pub in Kingston. We were all attending (or had just finished) university and we worked our asses off. The pub was enormous, filled with students and tourists, and the five of us joined forces quickly. The year or two we worked together made up some of my most favourite memories. And the best part? They're still mine. We've grown up (mostly) and continue to join forces. You know those kinds of friends who've got your back, even when you haven't spoken in a year? They're that good. I don't have any photos to prove it, but I swear we enjoyed the day together with some good food and a wonderful pool.

Seriously, no one mention the pool to Alyce.

Today it was the three of us. Shira and I accompanied Matt to the library at the University of Toronto, had lunch with another good friend, and visited the site of our favourite challah, The Harbord Bakery. Their whole wheat challah is the perfect balance of whole wheat and white flour, and no mater how hard I try I can't seem to duplicate it. We picked up two loaves (and some cookies, you know, for Alyce) and I can't wait to devour them. I consider it research for my next batch of homemade challah.

Anyone have any suggestions about the perfect ratio of whole wheat flour?

P.S. Sorry for blog silence. But regular life has now returned!

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