Thursday, June 16, 2011

Matt, while you've been gone

We played at the park with Lisa.


Shira stands about one hundred percent of the time now.

We met baby Tao, Lisa's new little one.

Alyce introduced Shira to Sesame Street. Alyce has also taken to wearing nothing but a tutu and pearls, but that shouldn't surprise you.

Shira now uses her own spoon. Sort of.

And she talks to your photo every single day.

Alyce got her first bike helmet.

And tries it out daily.

Shira watches her sister, always.

And then tries it out herself.

P.S. Come home any time now.
P.P.S. Alyce told me that Shira needs her own baby and so can we please have a baby brother for Shira? She said it, not me.

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