Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally Friday night


What a relief that we made it to Friday night. These photos are from a few weeks ago when Alyce was making Shabbat in her room, one of her favourite ways to pass the time. I find such a sweetness in watching her make her own Shabbat table. As a convert to Judaism, I don't have these kinds of memories. I didn't paint my own candle sticks and practice saying the blessings as a little girl (though I certainly have memories of my own, and have since practiced that blessing many times).  I think it's exciting that Alyce and Shira will know Judaism in a different way than I ever will.

I hope everyone can sit down tonight with people they love, some good food, and maybe even a delicious glass of wine. Have the best of weekends!

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  1. Tradition is such a magical, magical thing. Gorgeous Alyce. xx