Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A little rain

You might disagree, but I think the weather today is just perfect. There is plenty of rain, low grey skies, and just that hint of darkness that strangely enough seems to make the world glow. I could look outside all day long, especially when the view includes this Alyce attempting a world-record breaking jump. In her frog boots.

We're enjoying a quiet day around here today. There was some melodrama surrounding getting dressed this morning, but since we overcame that dreadful hurdle, we've been puttering around the house in a manner fitting a rainy day. We've danced to princess music*, read some new favourite books, and Alyce is just finishing up with her newest obsession, The Frog Prince. Next up, some very serious colouring.

I hope everyone else is able to enjoy a little rain today!

*I embarrassed myself attempting what I thought was a simple twirl and twisted my ankle. My ankle is fine, but my pride, as someone with years of ballet in her past, is suffering quite a blow.

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