Saturday, April 16, 2011

It was a good day

(Bottom image courtesy of Dani--three very tired children.)

I'm still exhausted from our very, very long day. There were fevers, lost phones (and found phones), car rentals, late lunches, and multiple clothing changes. But it was so much fun, because there were dinosaur bones, ice cream, Central Park, pigeons, in-flight DVD players, and one of the best coffees I've ever had. I had great company (as I did for the last trip) and a ton of fun. It was completely worth the getting home at eleven. 

Shira came down with a rotten cold that day, but was agreeable nonetheless, because that is what she does. I now have that same rotten cold, but I am less agreeable. I'm taking this non-agreeable self to bed. 

Who else is with me--New York best city ever?


  1. I've still never been to NYC! Take me with you next time! :)

  2. We could take a weekend away with Liz! How much fun would that be?!